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Big Country Biggest Loser Contest

$100, 100 Days. Invest in your success in reaching your New Year's Resolution health goals!

Participate in the first Big Country Biggest Loser contest and get the motivation you need to start and stick with your goal toward a better and healthier you. 

Registration and your first Bod Pod and metabolic test must be completed by January 31st. You have 100 days to complete your second (post) Bod Pod. 

We will place $25 for each participant into a prize pool to be split 4-ways. Please see details below. 

Health Testing

Recieve gold standard body composition and metabolic testing to ensure you are on the right track.

Health is our top priority at The Fieldhouse. We want individuals to lose weight the RIGHT way. We want you to lose the weight and keep it off. This means we do not want you to lose muscle. We want you to lose fat.  The scale and other  "cheap" body composition devises cannot accurately tell the difference. That is why we use the Bod Pod. 

Nutrition has so much to do with your fat loss success. Everyone is created different and there are NO "one size fits all " diets. That is why we believe firmly in testing your metabolism (or finding out how many calories your body uses) before you start dieting. Find out exactly what caloric range you need to be in to stay away from muscle and only lose fat using our FDA-approved, most accurate metabolic test!

Qualification and Prizes

Cash prizes and Recovery Packages Awarded

For $100, you get 2 Bod Pods, a Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment and 1 Recovery Session at the Recovery Station . 

We will put $25 in a prize pool for each participant who purchases the resolution testing package.

Prizes will be given to both a man and woman who:

1. Lost the most pounds of fat,  as detected by the Bod Pod

2) Lost the highest "percent of percent" body fat. What does this mean? It means you are eligible to participant AND can win whether you are overweight OR just wanting to lean up. For example, if an individual is 30% and at the end of the competition is 15%, he/she lost 50% of his/her body fat. If an individual is 10% and drops to 5%, he/she also lost 50% of his/her body fat.

The prize pool will be split 4 ways evenly.

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